Monday, January 26, 2009

Vintage Cookbooks

These treasures are usually easy to find at thrift stores and estate sales. Most people overlook the value of vintage cookbooks and are fooled by the fact they usually end up in a box with many other useless books and wind up at the local Goodwill, Salvation Army or local thrift store. Or even worse - the dump. Very sad since cookbooks are akin to history books in that they document peoples current food trends and contain not just recipes, but pictures from the time period they are published in.

I began collecting and selling cookbooks by accident and became hooked on finding even more older and more valuable ones right away. The range of topics and themes is endless as is the authors. Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, Betty Crocker you name it, they date back generations. I’m lucky to have a few from the WWII era that I am especially proud of.

I will be featuring my favorites down the road and hope you’ll follow along as I hunt for even more awesome treasures as they are discovered. For now, check out my Etsy store where you can see examples of just what I’m talking about.


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